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Center Berlin Toastmasters offers a supportive environment to stand out and gain that confidence in talking in front of people. Explore your leadership potential.

About us

Center Berlin Toastmasters, is a non-profit organisation.  Its core mission is to help individuals refine their public speaking and leadership capabilities. Toastmasters meetings are structured, featuring prepared speeches, constructive evaluations, and impromptu speaking exercises.

The organisation offers the Pathways program, allowing members to tailor their learning experiences to specific goals. Involvement in Toastmasters fosters self-confidence refines communication proficiency, and nurtures leadership qualities.

The community it provides is known for its supportive atmosphere, where members inspire one another to realise their fullest potential.

What we offer

Supportive community

Toastmasters fosters a supportive community where members encourage, uplift, and motivate each other, creating a positive and inclusive environment for personal and professional development.

Affordable membership

Memberships are both accessible and budget-friendly, featuring a standard 6-month membership fee of 90 euros, along with a discounted rate of 60 euros for students. Contact us to learn more about memberships.

Mentorship program

Toastmasters’ mentorship program provides members with personalised guidance and support to enhance their communication and leadership skills through one-on-one mentoring relationships.

Great network

Toastmasters offers valuable networking opportunities for members to connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions, fostering personal and professional growth.

How It Works

Guests can attend a Toastmasters meeting by simply showing up at the designated meeting location and time, where they will be warmly welcomed and provided with information on how to participate.

Contact us

You have the option to reach out to us via email, or you can attend one of our meetings where you'll have the opportunity to speak directly with our Vice President of Membership.

Join as a guest

Guests are welcome to experience Toastmasters by attending a single evening meeting to explore the organisation's communication and leadership development opportunities.

Become a member

To become a member, please attend one of our meetings, ask about the membership process during your visit, and complete the necessary membership form.


We hold on-site meeting every first, third and fourth Tuesday of the month at St. Lukas-Kirche, Bernburger Straße 4-5, 10963 from 07:30PM to 09:30PM. Register on Eventbrite or Meetup


We meet online every 2nd Tuesday  of the month from 07:30PM to 09:30PM. Virtual doors open at 07:00PM for short welcome. We are using Zoom to meet online. Register on Eventbrite & Meetup.

Toastmasters Speech Contest

Carlo Loiudice, a long-standing member of Center Berlin Toastmasters, is a reputable public speaking coach. He recently participated in a speaking competition in Denmark. His expertise in public speaking, gained over years of Toastmasters membership and personal training, makes him a valuable resource for those looking to enhance their communication skills.

Carlo is highly appreciated for his distinctive Italian charm and the vibrant energy he brings to our club. He serves as an example of effective communication, consistently turning speeches into captivating experiences. When Carlo takes the stage, his charisma and communication skills are a testament to what defines a remarkable speaker – one who inspires and actively engages the audience.


Step behind the curtain and discover the heart-warming stories that make Toastmasters an exceptional journey.

Pursuing excellence in both communication and leadership brings success not only in Toastmasters but also in our personal lives and careers. I was amazed at my growth. You’ll be equally pleased with your growth through Toastmasters. Come and try as a guest one evening.

Andrija - V.P. Education

Center Berlin Toastmasters has created an environment that has accelerated my personal growth. The members are incredibly welcoming and supportive, making me feel anything but isolated as a newcomer to the club. I am delighted to have discovered this community.


Toastmasters is not only about public speaking and leadership skills; it’s also about building a community where you can both receive and learn to provide constructive feedback to enhance your abilities as a speaker, evaluator, leader, partner, and friend.


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