36 Attendees
Mother Tongue was the theme of the evening. And we discovered there are expressions that defy translation. “Abbiocco” is one. It’s the Italian word for “the tired feeling you have after you eat lots of food”. Thanks to our guest, Matteo from Bologna, we now have just the right word for something we’ve all felt.
The wonderful thing about an English Toastmasters Club in a non-English city is the amazing diversity of cultures and mother tongues that come together. Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Hungarian, Korean, Italian, Malaysian, Rumanian, Serbian, Spanish … just to name a few at our meeting. Nutwin even taught us how to speak “Berlin-Hipster”! And Matt, who is studying German, made sure we knew the difference between describing a remarkably-beautiful-dripping-with-color-illuminating-the-horizon sunset in his native English language and his German language equivalent … “schön”.
Ah, it was a fun evening of prepared and spontaneous speeches.
Join us next time!
Save the date: 14 March
That’s our club contest featuring 5-7 minute prepared speeches and 2-3 minute Evaluation speeches. Contests bring the best out of us and ask us to step up to the next level of audience engagement.

Save the date: 21 March
This is a special event. Matthias Müller-Krey, professional speechwriter, will present “Make Them Laugh: Intrigue Your Audience With Humor!”. This workshop will give you the tips and techniques you need to weave humor effectively into your communication.

Hope to see you there.
Khushi Pasquale, Founder
Center Berlin Toastmasters