We did it!

On 8 June 2015, after months of looking for a venue and gathering support, Center Berlin Toastmasters held its very first meeting. We are extremely grateful to Forum Factory for hosting our events. Forum Factory is an impressive space with very talented and helpful event management staff. Thank you Björn Löckel for inviting us in!

The theme of the evening, New Beginnings, was evident throughout. I had the pleasure of welcoming 28 Toastmasters and guests in an introductory round where we learned everyone has a significant ‘first’ to talk about. Whether it was the first taste of quark, or the first Bob Dylan concert, the first encounter with a future spouse, or surviving a first month in Berlin – each of us relived the excitement of a first.

Our first members, Anna and Armin, whose names just happen to start with the first letter of the alphabet, were the first to add their names to the Center Berlin banner. Armin continued with firsts by giving his first speech, his Icebreaker entitled “What a Man’s Gotta Do.” We learned that beyond getting married, building a house, and having a child, a man’s gotta write a book. Armin, having checked the first three off his list, is now working on the fourth.

Diana, President of Mercury Toastmaster, gave us good advice on how to reach our goals. Do your homework! This became a major factor in her goal to run a marathon in “Less Than Two Hours.”

Our Area Governor, Pascal, proceded to further uplift our spirits with fond childhood memories of his grandfather’s model railroad. As Pascal, the adult, dismantled the trainset he realized there was a lesson to be learned. He offered it to us in the form of a question, “If the fruits of your labor disappeared, would the work you invested still have been worth it?”

As Table Topics Master, Petronella encouraged each of the spontaneous speakers to relate a first. Our guest, Claudia, won the favorites award for her humorous account of Summer of 2010.

What will I remember from this evening? – the excitement!
What will I take away from this evening? – Real value is in the process.

Khushi Pasquale, Acting President Center Berlin Toastmasters