A Full Ration of Emotions

9 November 2015, 34 Attendees

Tonight we had a full range and full ration of emotions. Our speakers chose topics that were very close to their hearts.

F* started us off explaining how difficult it is to pick the perfect name for a child.

It should neither be too long nor too short, too popular nor too exotic. The name will be carried for a lifetime. That’s quite a lot of pressure!

Then V* explored the uncertain territory of self-love: too much and we’re arrogant, too little and we’re everyone’s doormat. She concluded that such love only works when it is unconditional. It requires a good ration of self-forgiveness. What’s V*s advice when we fail? “Pick up the pieces and get back on the dance floor of life!”

And close to everyone’s heart is the controversial international airport, BER. Our third speaker threw us into an imaginary press conference as she announced that BER had been cancelled in the public interest. This provoked a stream of questions from the audience which J* handled with calm equanimity.

What will I remember from this evening? – A*s attempt to explain Easy Speak to us, but especially his statement: Ever since the pyramids, it’s teams that get the work done.

What did I take away from this evening? – Focus on finding “value” in each evaluation. We can also value failed attempts.

Khushi Pasquale, President Center Berlin Toastmasters