Icebreaking Sleigh Ride

22 Attendees

Our Christmas Party! What a thrill to be ushered into the holiday season with laughs and good will. Table Topics had us thinking quite differently about Christmas Carols. And our gift exchange provided plenty of opportunity to defend a choice or convince others.

Best of all, one of our new members delivered an Ice Breaker speech with a poet’s grace.
Here it is for all to enjoy:

Soon it will be Christmas! And, as every year, water starts freezing and snow starts falling. May I ask you to follow me for the next few minutes? To leave the end of November behind and take a seat on our sleigh for a ride full of fun? And – I promise – the ride won’t stop until the ice breaks. 

You probably already feel the tingle of the cold and frosty air. Don’t you?

As we pass the first snow covered treetops, the cold wind blows in the hoods of our jackets. We can hear the snow crunch beneath our winter shoes as we stomp along the parking lot towards the sleigh. We open a cookie box. Please grab some homemade cookies and take a bite! Can you taste the light cinnamon flavor?

Zip your jacket and put on your gloves before we push the sleigh beyond the edge and accelerate through a December valley!

We are speeding up; our sled drifts across the slope. Millions of snowflakes fly in the wind and reflect the wintry sunset as we approach the Christmas market. Can you see the flickering outline?

In the distance, gently sings a choir its songs. And hey! Take some time to check your shoes! Nicholas is crossing our path and he has some nice sweets in his bag.

Please take a look to the right. We are passing the first store! Anybody without gifts for their loved ones? Shiny and glowing, the old woman offers her wares. Her cheeks are red from the frosty weather but her eyes are still full of joy.

Passing some proper Christmas trees on both sides, we load one onto our trailer. We open a Thermos bottle and take a nip of warm grog. While the warm grog flows down our throats, we choose the biggest goose for dinner at the last booth of the Christmas market.

A final look back and the flickering outline disappears as we accelerate. Christmas is getting closer and closer. Do you remember the poem you learnt by heart?

The track becomes frozen ice and we speed up even more. You don’t think about the frosty air. You don’t care about the cold wind. You don’t taste the cinnamon anymore.

On your right you see Santa Claus’ sleigh powered by nine strong reindeer. Santa is waving. We wave back. You can hear his bell ring. Yes, Santa Claus is coming to town … and of course we overtake him on the left. Rudolph’s nose is not a traffic light, is it? But stop! Please fasten your seat belts. It might get rough. It’s time to slow down.

Give Santa some time to prepare the world for Christmas. Let us take some time to think about where to place our Christmas tree. Let us take some time to figure out how to cook the goose. Let us take some time to appreciate this silent night.

Don’t let us break the ice. Instead, we should gaze at its sparkling  beauty and forget time.

I hope you enjoyed our ride. Whenever you want, we can take the sleigh from its parking spot. Pull it all the way up to the top again when snow starts to fall and water freezes.

Merry Christmas!                                                                                                                                     from FW

What will I remember from this evening? The spirit of togetherness.
What did I take away from this evening? – a tea placemat set and lots of laughs.

Khushi Pasquale
Founder, Center Berlin Toastmasters