Happy Holidays

17 Attendees

To say this meeting was “great” wouldn’t tell you much. But what if I said: we had speeches that tickled our brains and our hearts; speakers who wanted to involve, inspire and entertain us; guests and Toastmasters who reached deep inside themselves to convey a message? Would that define “great” for you? It does for me!


Along the way, we also explored the meaning of storytelling. Here are the responses to the trigger: Storytelling is …”

  • a means of reaching mutual understanding
  • a way to connect emotionally
  • shared experience
  • informative
  • fun
  • all about laughter
  • a way to bypass the brain
  • revealing secrets
  • about people making progress
  • a vehicle to deliver a message
  • bonding and ensuring good dreams
  • an art to master
  • playing with imagination
  • a means of bringing our inspiration to others
  • as old as humanity and part of everything
  • painting pictures
  • often confessional

If you’re interested in storytelling or weaving story into your presentations, you’ll find lots of instruction and inspiration here:

8 Classic storytelling techniques for engaging presentations
8 Classic storytelling techniques for engaging presentations

What will I remember from this evening? Sz’s dwindling percentages. M’s reminder to take our talents seriously.
What did I take away from this evening? „Bliss is the one thing you cannot not do.“


Happy Holidays!
Khushi Pasquale
Founder, Center Berlin Toastmasters