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It seems a lot of us made the same resolution to improve our speaking and leadership skills this year! At this meeting, we had some great examples of both.


We started out with our first Annual General Meeting and were able to get through the agenda quickly. The Finance Report clearly showed we have to raise more money to meet our expenses. Motions carried (a.k.a. proposals approved) were:

  1. 2nd and 3rd Mondays in March and December
  2. Two-Tier Membership Fee: €72/six months; €60/six months limited incomes
  3. S elected as our new Treasurer

Having settled business matters, we got down to the heart of every Toastmaster meeting – speeches!


T gave her first speech, her Ice Breaker, and melted our hearts with her story. As a child, she was told „whatever you desire, picture it, then say „Do It“. In English this sounds like an order, but in T’s native Turkish it also means „Accept this.“ In saying „Do it“  you are also saying „Please accept my request. I will accept what comes.”


V then followed with a revolutionary idea for world peace – dancing! He argued that dancing connects people and makes us happy. Happy people can not do any harm. If only our world leaders would step on the dance floor together!


A also had inspiration in store for us. He’s been helping a family of Syrian asylum seekers. He has discovered that finding a way back to a normal life is essential for refugees. Little things can make a big difference – a trip to the zoo or dentist, filling out school registration forms. A recommends offering to do these simple things. He added „The worst advice I can give you, is to do nothing.“


We also had some inspiring short, spontaneous speeches from our guests: Adam, Teodora, Edmund, and Billy. Why do we need feelings? „To know I’m alive!“


For more inspiration and to prepare yourself to give the best possible speech, check out these resources:

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Hope to see you at our next meeting! Bring your inspiration along!

Khushi Pasquale
Founder, Center Berlin Toastmasters