The Right Moment

29 Attendees
When is the right moment to speak? When is the right moment to get on stage? Our Toastmaster of the Evening, Volker, made it clear: “the right moment is now! Coming to Toastmasters and not speaking, is like seeing a $100 bill on the ground and not picking up.”


Our speakers definitely seized the moment. Beate related a dream she had in India. In the dream she realizes she is “not alone. A strange creature appears behind the bed. It looks like a small tiger. He inspects the room. He stops, looks at me and … speaks! “You are in just the right place. Don´t worry about your future. I will be at your side and remove all obstacles.”


Reassured by the dream, Beate leaves her room and goes sightseeing. But even better than the Taj Mahal, she meets her companion again – this time as part of a noisy, joyful, celebration dedicated to the goddess of universal wisdom, Durga. And who did Beate see on the parade wagon next to the goddess? Her tiger!


Durga and Tiger


Have you ever wondered what “grace” is all about? Not the physical grace of a ballerina or the social grace of saying the right thing at the right time in just the right way? No, not that grace, but Amazing Grace. That’s what my speech was all about. Inspired by President Obama’s eulogy to Reverend Pinkney, I started my search for grace. I found it in very ordinary and very uncomfortable life situations. What I found showed me that grace is not just for believers. And that it can be the key to hope.


For more inspiration, check out President Obama’s eulogy and Sheryl Sandberg on You Tube.


Pres Obama Amazing Grace


Sheryl Sandberg


And for even more inspiration, come to our next meeting!
Khushi Pasquale, Founder
Center Berlin Toastmasters