30 Attendees

Why would we invite a former lawyer to give us a workshop on humor?
We may be in a humor workshop with a lawyer, but that’s still better than being tried in court by a clown!
Matthias Mu ler-Krey(Portrait)
Matthias Müller-Krey, former lawyer and journalist, present German Speechwriter, walked us through a technique of bringing together conflicting ideas. Lawyers aren’t funny, are they? Clowns don’t go to court, do they? Put them together and you’ve got the start of a giggle, a chuckle, maybe even a laugh.

Tragedy, Distance, Logic and Surprise are the four basic Elements of Humor and humor is a useful tool for delivering a message. One of the basic techniques is to create an expectation and then break it. “This morning before breakfast I ran five miles ….. then I woke up.”

Try adding humor to your introduction by giving your host a joke to use before you even come on stage. Begin a speech with humor to grab attention. Use humor to emphasize an important point.

For more tips and tools, visit Matthias’ website: Ask him to send you a reading list of how-to books on the subject of humor.

And don’t worry, Matthias charged us by the joke, not by the hour.

In addition to the workshop, we heard three top notch speeches from clubs in the area. Djon, Lukacs, and Sebastian inspired us to: Act Now; Build Bridges; and Take That First Step. A supportive and thought-provoking feedback session followed each speech.

I hope to see you at our next meeting on 11 April. Lots of speeches, lots of laughs?

See you there!

Khushi Pasquale, Founder
Center Berlin Toastmasters