Singapore to Poland!

27 July 2015

Our 4th meeting set a new high. We had so much fun – all 30 of us!

Toastmasters from Singapore, Poland and Munich added to the cultural diversity of the evening. Felow Toastmasters from other Berlin clubs – First Berlin, Mercury, Spreeredner and Adlershof – made the long journey from their “Kietz” to ours.

Somehow the energy was just right. Everything went smoothly. We all relaxed and enjoyed the meeting.

What was it that made things go so well? Our focus on welcoming our guests!

Felix and Prateek manned a welcome table that immediately oriented all newcomers. Members focused on connecting with guests. Johanna explained Table Topics before the break and carefully asked for permission before calling volunteers to the stage. And Anna, our Toastmaster of the Evening, set a tone of enthusiasm and openness inviting everyone present to enjoy the evening. Helping others feel comfortable in your environment is only one of the skills we can learn through Toastmasters.

Anna impressed us with her growing confidence in her second speech. She spoke of the multiple benefits music brought her and can bring us. Felix wowed us with his Ice Breaker and gave us a bit of insight into his wilder side. And Zi Xian, our guest from Singapore, held us enthralled as he led us through his journey from holiday adventurer to sedate traveler.

Table Topics were very inventive. Our speakers had us travelling from Martha’s Vineyard to “Cave” Horn, to George Clooney’s honeymoon bed, to the Moon!

What grabbed everyone’s attention and respect was high quality feedback. Our General Evaluator, Doris, was impeccable. She not only gave us an overview of the research supporting positive feedback, she demonstrated this practice by giving us concrete examples of appreciation and motivation.

What will I remember from this evening? – the feeling of being in the right place!
What did I take away from this evening? – Get into music – listen to it, dance, sing, play.

Khushi Pasquale, Acting President Center Berlin Toastmasters