More Than Hot Air!

10 August 2015

Incredible participation! Of the 29 individuals in attendance, at least 24 took active roles. “Learning by doing” is a group activity at Center Berlin Toastmasters.

Despite the heat, everyone was fully engaged and engaging. We were treated to:

  • four great prepared speeches
  • five creative spontaneous speeches
  • explicit feedback on good strategies used and tips for the future.

Our speakers were creative and constructive. They gave us a lot more than hot air!

Our Toastmaster of the Evening started with a theme of beginnings speech beginnings. Surprise your audience, give them something they don’t expect. Open:

  1. with a joke, or
  2. a personal anecdote
  3. by relating to a current event, or
  4. stating a fun fact

Such openings gripped our attention as our prepared speakers told us about the life and adventures of an actuary; the inspiration of astronauts; the value of dreams; and how to enjoy the sweet savoryness of a tiny gourmet carrot.

In the final feedback round, the overwhelming feeling was of impressive participation at an impressive location. Toastmasters and guests alike love Forum Factory‘s appeal. The room’s open, clear construction draws you in and begs to be filled with your creativity and energy. It is large, adaptable, and real. Everyone fits in. Everyone feels included.

We want to become a center of connection. Forum Factory allows us to welcome others so easily. Forum Factory makes it possible for us to realize our vision.

Toastmasters meetings have an uncanny way of raising wilted spirits and revitalizing an otherwise humid day!

What will I remember from this evening? – the spirit of participation!
What did I take away from this evening? – our dreams shape us into better selves.

Khushi Pasquale, Acting President Center Berlin Toastmasters