What Toastmasters Do

12 October 2015   (25 Toastmasters and Guests)

I’ll be honest with you, this was a meeting I couldn’t attend. I was in the USA visiting family, friends, and other Toastmaster clubs. In my absence, Mariana, our VP Membership ran the show. And did a fantastic job!

The agenda included three strong speeches: an Ice Breaker, a spooky story, and a contest speech.

In the Ice Breaker, our speaker let the audience experience the world from other perspectives – being a vegan; refusing foods wrappped in plastic; and limiting spending to a maximum of 8 euro per day. Beware! If you choose to live an „alternative“ lifestyle, you will hear other people’s opinions!

The spooky story was told with such convincing voice and description that goosebump moments abounded. Our speaker closed by reminding us that „ghosts“ are largely a product of our minds.

Toastmasters holds speech contests twice a year. The autumn contests are Table Topics and Humorous Speeches. Our third speaker tested out his contest speech focusing on how embarrasing parents can be. Still, that doesn’t stop many of us from becoming parents and embarrasing our own children. The legacy continues.

What will I remember from this evening? That I don’t have to do everything myself. We’re a great team!

What was the take away from this evening? Alin’s list of 3 things Toastmasters do:
1. we take time to come to meetings;
2. we share with each other;
3. we leave a meeting with more energy than we came in with!

Khushi Pasquale
President, Center Berlin Toastmasters