Speaking Spontaneously

28 September 2015

Our special event on mastering impromptu speaking was a great success. Fifty eager participants learned how to structure their thoughts and their content to confidently deliver short spontaneous responses. Claude Desroches offered practical techniques and shared his own experience as a Table Topics contestant and winner. Everyone got the chance to put theory into practice.

Here is just one of the comments the evening generated:

“What does a Toastmaster from one of London’s most distinguished clubs do when visiting Berlin? Well, visit Berlin’s finest: Center Berlin Toastmasters, obviously! Spent a fun evening with 50 inspiring people at a special workshop “Speaking Spontaneously” hosted by the charismatic and talented District 59 Champion, Claude Desroches of First Berlin Toastmasters. Loved it. A big thank you to you all for making me feel so welcome. Center Berlin Toastmasters is an excellent club!”

As I’m visiting family in the USA, I couldn’t attend the event myself, but I am sooooooooo jealous of those who could and did!

Khushi Pasquale
President, Center Berlin Toastmasters