Success! How Sweet It Is!

14 September 2015

Success! We have reached our first goal!  We now have 20 eligible members and can charter as an official club in Toastmasters International!

This is no small deal.

Toastmasters is a global organization with over 90 years of experience in speaking and leadership. As official Toastmasters, Center Berlin members will have access to a huge library of video and digital resources; can get tips directly from World Champion class speakers; are welcome in over 145,000 clubs worldwide; will compete with the best; and have a real-world-low-risk-supportive environment to exercise their leadership talent.

Among our 31 attendees at our celebratory meeting, were Toastmasters who serve as officers in other clubs, and on the area and division levels. Five new members signed the banner and our new constitution, bylaws and club officers were ratified.

But we weren’t all business. We had two intriguing Ice Breaker speeches which knocked our socks off. Nutwin had us laughing as he explored the difference between what he was told his name meant versus its continued mystery. Miriam took us on a journey through several countries as her dream of living with the “Angel Over Berlin” became her destiny. These speeches were sandwiched between a cautionary tale by Felix and a more advanced speech by Lukacs. Felix warned us that a company’s largest asset, its staff, can become its largest liability, trouble, if not treated with respect. Lukacs contrasted the massive physical size of the world with the emotional closeness that comes from seeing a friend again after many years of silence.  What a small world.

Of course the evening was rounded out by spontaneous speeches (including a great argument in support of crying. Let those tears flow!) and constructive feedback.

What will I remember from this evening? That we had nearly 100% member attendance!

What will I take away from this evening?  The image of a golden angel watching the people of Berlin “come and go; laugh and cry; rest, think, try.”

Khushi Pasquale
President, Center Berlin Toastmasters