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Why? That’s the pivotal question. We often spend more time on determining the “what” or the “how” than we devote to the core “why” of our actions. We talk about our product – the “what”; we talk about our process – the “how.” We forget the force that drives us – our “why”.
Why join Toastmasters? Why give a speech or serve on the club board?
Our Toastmaster of the Evening, Dyane, triggered our thinking. Then she probed for answers. Our responses:

  • To satisfy my need to grow
  • To satisfy my need to give
  • To satisfy my need to learn
  • Because I LOVE to speak in public
  • Because there was no one else to do it
  • Because I love the challenge of jumping into deep water

Following our “why” inspires others, attracts those who hold the same beliefs, and keeps us true to our purpose.
Take a look at Simon Sinek’s TED talk (Dyane’s inspirational source) to get started on putting your “why” first.
Our speakers gave us plenty of reasons to be in the room tonight. Andrea mesmerized us with her personal story “The Power of a Dream”, delivering a powerful message of fighting against illness. Florian reached back into his past as a student and spoke off the cuff of the advantages to International Student Exchange. Our final speaker, Gerhard, had us enthralled with his use of vivid word pictures describing a day in Saigon. Titled, “On Happiness in Poor Places”, Gerhard found happiness, dignity, and decency in the faces of the poor – a street boy, an old peddler, a temple monk. He reminded us that “the real voyage of discovery lies not in seeking new landscapes, but in finding new eyes” – Proust.
As Table Topics Master, Tugba explored the theme of happiness. She provided bits of research between her thought-provoking questions:

  • Does money buy happiness?
  • Do happy people make kids? Or do kids make people happy?
  • Does your happiness change when you interact with happy people?
  • Do the days of the week affect your happiness levels?

Our General Evaluator expressed it well when he commented, “there’s no need to end such speeches with a thank you to the audience. Your speech is a gift FOR the audience. Their applause is the audience’s gift to you. Enjoy it.”
Please join us for our next meeting. You ask, why?
Because, at Center Berlin Toastmasters, we believe that in becoming better speakers we become better people. 
Come if you share that belief.
Khushi Pasquale, Founder
Center Berlin Toastmasters