Live Your Passion

24 Attendees
Live your passion! was the call to action. Summer Sports was the theme. Toastmaster of the Evening Szilvia explained that her twin passions, running and giving Toastmaster speeches, have much in common. There is pain at the beginning; a love-hate dilemma of practice; functionaries as trainers; pleasant expectation over time; and ultimately the satisfaction of success.
Our speakers proved the truth of this. I related the painful ordeal of failure in my first management position. It was only through the fun of practicing leadership roles in Toastmasters that I regained confidence. I easily learned what I couldn’t learn on the job. The message: Make Toastmasters your leadership playground, and Toastmasters will make you a leader!
Trevor gave a stunning speech which integrated effective use of language with appropriate gesture. As a fanatic computer game player, he ignored his body. His body complained; became more emphatic over time. He didn’t listen until it was too late. This speech was personal, expressive and convincing.
Do you want to live your passion? Your passion for public speaking? Join us for our next meeting.
Khushi Pasquale, Founder
Center Berlin Toastmasters