The Choice is Yours

38 Attendees
Happy Anniversary, Center Berlin Toastmasters! You’ve come a long way, baby!
On 8 June 2015, CBT held its first meeting. We now have 33 enthusiastic members and a brilliant year of well-run meetings and special events behind us.
Twenty-four of our thirty-three members came together to elect our new Board. The eight incoming officers will serve from 1 July 2016 to 31 June 2017. Club leadership is a powerful growth experience. As each candidate gave a 30 second introduction, I could feel the strength of the team building. Congratulations to all. We have a year full of promise and opportunity ahead of us.
After the elections, our guest speaker, Peter Stewart from Aberdeen, Scotland treated us to the ear-curdling „OHOY! OHOY!“ wail of a military siren. One of many things he’ll remember from his time in the military during the Cold War. Lessons Learned From Berlin became his life lessons:
1. be a good communicator;
2. be kind to others;
3. never give up.
The theme of the evening, choices, was evident in the election process and carried into Table Topics. Volunteer spontaneous speakers had 1 – 2 minutes to tell us how their choices led to unexpected endings. We heard some very unexpected stories! – Liverpool vs. Milan; an interview that ended up with the applicant rejecting the job offer; a young woman who fell in love with a stranger only to find out he was her half-brother! Truth? or poetic license? Their choice.
Exercise your free choice. Join us at our next meeting. See you there!
Khushi Pasquale, Founder
Center Berlin Toastmasters
Here’s Peter Stewart, Aberdeen’s “chirpy chappie”!
Peter Stewart